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About Us

Splendidtranslations Ng is a Nigerian translation and localization firm affiliated to splendid.com services. We are into translation and localization of African and Asian languages.

The World is a confused place because of diversity in languages. Common language unifies the people. Language unification is what we stand for at Splendidtranslations Ng. We intend to make the whole world speak one language which we believe will bring about unification. Take a tour to Nigeria, a country in west Africa and the largest black nation in the world. The people that are more than 150 million speak different languages and uncountable dialects. Imagine if they speak just one language. Unity will be everywhere and the nation could be one of the best. Conflict resolution around the world could be possible if we all understand ourselves. That is our mission- we make you a locale of your target language(s). With our experience and professionals all around the world, we believe nothing is impossible.

We are into real business of translations and we also help other translation companies/agencies to recruit competent workers. We have been in this business for more than a decade and we do all possible not to loose focus and integrity. Our constant goal is to provide high quality translation and interpretation services to all our clients and we are well known for the quality and efficiency of our work, our professionalism, energy and enthusiasm. We have done jobs for individuals, corporate bodies, Institutions and governmental bodies. We try as much as possible to make our clients the locale of the target language.

Our work speaks for us.

We are SPLENDID IN ALL we do